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Stoğu olmayan ürünler 6-8 haftalık bir üretim sürecinden sonra sizlere kargolanacaktır.ilginiz, Desteğiniz ve Sabrınız için teşekkürler. SIRR SERAMİK için geçerli %10 indirim kodunuz: SIRRSALE

About Us

This venture began when I encountered a small, enchanting ceramics shop in a small town of France. The naturality of various ceramic products and their mysterious colors revealed the wonderland of “Sırr” in my life.

When it comes to ceramic products, people generally think of bulky objects; nonetheless I preferred a slender line as the first step of my journey. Then I characterized the comely circles with colors; some with white, some with black and the rest with pastel colors.

I created them in harmony with the nature and gave their forms by deriving inspiration from the leaves of a tree. I preserved the original ceramic texture to let them seem modest but reflect the nobility as well. Eventually, “Sırr” emerged by blending the ceramics with the odor of coffee, the taste of cheese, and the colors of flowers and it has become the most beautiful, natural and romantic part of my life since 2010.

Ayşe Sever