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The use of plants in indoor spaces is a very relaxing occupation with the time and effort spent on care, as well as adding visual richness and comfort. For this reason, we designed Rita coffee tables that will make it easier to grow and display plants indoors. These coffee tables will be the right solution for your needs with different height steps, water resistant solid metal bodies, replaceable wooden tables and three different types. You can decorate Rita coffee tables with your plants as well as large ceramic objects, candles or your favorite books

Body is matte black painted metal. Its table is natural walnut veneer over marine plywood.

The wood polish of the product is made with a special oil. The oil used is water resistant and has the standards of "DIN EN 71-3 Wooden Toy Safety", "DIN EN 53160 Saliva and Sweat Resistance" and "DIN 68861 - 1C (Chemical resistance.)".